I’ve always said I need a good secretary to keep details straight for me. Last night was another good example of this. I had a quartet practice where we are preparing for a big occasion the first of September. The date had been set but then adjusted from a Saturday to a Friday. I had the Saturday date in my calendar but neglected to adjust it to Friday. Thus, I had myself in Montana when we were to sing. As hard as I try to keep these things from happening, they just do. I contacted the superintendent when I got home and he’s working with his team to adjust the days to the week before or the week after. Tracking details like this just never seem to develop into a strength!

Tonight Kathy and I will meet with a couple whose marriage is highly at risk. I’ve mentioned the husband contacting me last week. I have no idea what we will accomplish in the time but I have surrendered it to Jesus and asked His Holy Spirit to completely lead. I pray for the Light of Hope to come. This couple has 3 boys and have been married over 20 years so there are huge reasons to work this through letting God take charge of their lives personally and together. How much I love this Father of ours! He cares so deeply.

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