I wrote yesterday that we’d be meeting last night with a couple whose marriage is highly at risk. We did that and there were a couple of things which came from the meeting for which I wasn’t expecting. One of them was helping the man see his need to change for his own sake regardless of the outcome of their marriage. No wife wants to be married to a raging man. In fact, no man wants to be married to a raging woman. Anger is an ugly beast when left unattended.

The second awaking for me was personal. The gentleman wanted to talk privately at one point so we went to another part of the house to do so. It was there that I began to recognize some strongholds he has which I no longer have. As he talked about the grip of fear and anxiety which trigger his anger, I could quickly see that the grip of fear and anxiety which triggered my silence for so long is gone–simply gone. I remembered their grip, but the shackles he knows are no longer a part of me. We didn’t talk about that but I simply thanked God for this wonderful gift He has provided me.

The evening ended with a spotlight on the gentleman getting focused on himself and his relationship with God and a few other support men for accountability. Only God knows the outcome of this marriage, but what I know is that when we stay focused on God’s agenda in our lives, we not only become the new person God created us to be, but God becomes the True God He is. We begin to know Him as our LOVING FATHER!

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