Today I get to stay home and I’m so very glad. But, before I get started on my own to do list, I want to write down some things God is putting before me on today’s journey. First, when I got up and started my devotions I recalled I hadn’t listened to my daughter’s sermon from last Sunday. She preached at her church in Oklahoma City. I thought I could listen to it while I had my own devotions–I won’t do this again. I don’t think I appreciated either as much as I should have. I am not one who can do two things at the same time and keep focused on both.

Yesterday’s message in scripture about Faith was challenged today with Trust. Trust was the big point in my daughter’s sermon and it is the focus of today’s devotion. It also tied directly into a conversation I had last night with a young man who came to talk with me. His wife had him served with divorce papers and he needed to talk. This was not our first talk as he knew these papers were likely coming any day. He desperately wants to have his marriage work and “this time” he is putting his all into it. I’ve asked him if he would put this much effort into this if it were only for himself? He thought and responded that he would. I then reminded him to put this answer somewhere so he could see it often. Jesus doesn’t want to change us for someone else. He makes us a new creation first and foremost for Him and our relationship with Him.

Having Faith in God and having Trust that this Faith will hold true in any test is no easy thing. However, right now, I am anchoring into the Faith God Himself has. I can fully Trust Him and I will do this for this young man. I don’t know about the marriage, but I do know God is changing this young man into His created image. God is Amazing and one can see it so much more clearly when I get my own selfish thinking out of the way.

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