Today I go to my last new school for this year to get started with them. I met the staff a week ago but today I will go and meet each one in their classrooms as kids started back yesterday. I look forward to getting rooted in this school.

As I was busily working in my yard yesterday taking advantage of being home, I received a text message from my prayer warrior. She was telling me to read a passage in my bible as a promise for our Celebrate Recovery folks. It is an excerpt Joyce Meyers has written regarding Rahab. Remember that Rahab was a prostitute at the time the children of Israel were approaching Jericho in the book of Joshua. The excerpt says in part: “…No matter how bad your past is, always know that God has a new beginning for you. Like Rahab, you may have a past, but you also have a future. You can get past your past!”

Last night Kathy and I met with the couple facing divorce. We started meeting with them only a week ago. Even though we were somewhat at a loss for knowing what to do when they came, we had thought we’d use whatever time to check for progress or lack thereof. In so doing, plant seeds for growth and nurture any growth during the week. It turned out they liked the idea and so we will continue this process each week for a period of time. As I read my prayer warriors’ message this morning I thought of this couple–you can get past your past! They are not convinced of this as of yet, but I know God is convinced of it as He is the One who will get them past their past if they will continue to open their hearts and mind to Him. God is the Faithful Healer of all wounds and all pasts!

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