The lesson for our Celebrate Recovery last night was YES. It is lesson 24. There is only one more lesson before we start our new year in mid-September. As we went into our small groups to discuss what the lesson spoke to us, the processing question was asking what we were willing to say yes to with God? There were 11 men in the group. As I looked around the room there were many hurts, hang-ups and habits represented. Yet, each one had something to say about what they were willing to say yes to.

One of the things God has been challenging me to do is believe when the other just can’t find a foothold for believing at the time. I know this has been done for me when I couldn’t believe and now God is placing it on my heart. It breaks my heart at times to know their stories and I want to lift their hands and eyes to Jesus and say that He will and is helping. Sometimes we just can’t see it. When I was in this state I needed others to believe for me. Now, it is my turn.

I think one of the best lessons I’ve found in this journey is the relationship with Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit. The longer I stayed on the journey of recovery, the more I began to understand and trust. Jesus keeps reminding me to look up and see Him as I listen to each man’s story. In so doing I see His head nodding and I hear–Trust Me. This I will do until they find their own foothold with Jesus.

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