The message of YES still continues into today. And, as I write this I realize that from this day forward God is wanting me to know that to serve Him fully my response to His Holy Spirit’s nudges is to always be YES. I would imagine that each follower of Jesus Christ has come to this point in their walk where this reality hits. It is never going to be OK to question what I know the Holy Spirit is asking of me. As I begin to read the book of Luke, I read several times in just the first chapter where The Holy Spirit “came upon”, “spoke with” the characters in the chapter. In each case it was in response to their obedience. I know that God is nudging me to take heed to this message. So, this morning I wrote in my journal that I want to be God’s YES man.

What a wonderful God we get to serve. He takes us into places where we never thought we would be and with our YES to His Holy Spirit we find satisfaction we never knew was possible. WOW! God is so Good!

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