If man were to define what is on the plate for today he would say to get rid of half that is on it. However, each item has its importance and I know that God has prepared today, not man. I am walking into it “trusting all the while”.

The school I’ll be working with today has some major, immediate decisions to make. I’m not sure they are aware of this need, but by the end of today I pray they not only see the need but are open and ready to make changes. I am trusting that today will be one where LIGHT penetrates and opens minds and hearts to see what hasn’t been seen as of yet.

Tonight has its own importance also. Kathy and I have been meeting for a couple weeks with a younger couple whose marriage is severely struggling. The gentleman called me yesterday while I was driving to the district where I was spending the day. I could hardly believe all that he was telling me which took place over the weekend. Huge steps were taken. God is so amazing when we quit trying to do things our way and let Him Lead through our obedience to His Holy Spirit.

I go into today hopeful and trusting. God’s Light is already shining and I pray a door opens today allowing His Light to penetrate into what has been darkness.

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