Today as I have finished my devotional time I marvel at something that Jesus did and I have never been able to do. Let me explain. In Luke, chapter 8, Jesus and His disciples get into one of the fishing boats to go across the Sea of Galilee. A storm comes up and Jesus is asleep in the corner of the boat. The storm is so severe the boat is filling with water and Jesus sleeps through it. The disciples awaken Him and He does what He knows He can do–calms the storm. All of this is well known and is the sermon topic for many sermons I’ve heard.

This morning as I was reading this chapter I was stricken by something I’d not given reflection time until now. I’ll explain it in a moment. First, I need to tell about last night at Celebrate Recovery. We had 11 men in our share group and many of them had very severe issues they were facing: divorce, a child’s sexual abuse by a step-dad, another divorce, an addiction which had caused continued issues, and more. I went to bed last night very troubled for these men. Now, back to Luke 8. Jesus, when he entered the boat with His disciples had just come from dealing with over 5000 men, doing some tremendous healing and ministering and then feeding them with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. He gets into the boat and sleeps. His trust in His Father is so complete He can sleep.

I was challenged this morning to take this time of reflection to heart. Instead of stewing (worrying) about these men’s issues, I need to thank God they were shared and know this same Jesus is the Healer today that He was over 2000 years ago. With this I can sleep in the midst of each storm. Wow! This Jesus of ours is AMAZING!

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