Today is a day of celebration. My oldest daughter and her family get to move into their new home. It has been quite their struggle during this time. Little did they know that building at this time would be their greatest challenge. However, it has come together and today I get to be part of the moving crew. This will be fun.

The book of Luke truly brings out the critical importance of building an intimate relationship with Jesus. In the broader sense, it brings out the importance of having an intimate relationship with those we trust. It is amazing to see how intimate and trust circle around one another. The more trust is built, the more intimate one becomes with the other and the more intimate we become, the more we trust. The additional piece to intimacy with Jesus is obedience. When we trust Jesus enough to obey Him (His Spirit’s nudges) we also strengthen the trust in Him.

There has never been a time when Jesus led me into humiliation. As I began to open myself about my past (something The Holy Spirit had been nudging me to do) I found that instead of judgment/humiliation/shame I was finding a much greater acceptance from others. I found myself being called things like courageous and strong. I had always believed the lies in my head that I was scared and weak. No one would want a friend with my past. Instead, I find myself being sought out by others knowing there is something they identify with. It is humbling and fulfilling at the same time.

Luke is encouraging each of us to take the steps of trust and obedience with Jesus. The harvest is ready and the workers are few. Lets join in this harvest crew!

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