Well, the moving crew got the house pretty well cleared out. The garage is emptied and a good deal of the outside is cleared. The new house’s garage is filled and waiting for the final inspection on Monday so everything can be moved inside. Then, the living in the new house can begin. In the meantime everyone is sleeping here along with the two dogs. So far so good!

As I continue to read in Luke I see Jesus confronting the Jews and how they have chosen to control their religious beliefs and practices. His Words and actions divide the people with this confrontation. He labels their actions as selfishly driven and certainly not God-focused. Man sure has a way of taking the moral-sovereign purposes of God and His Word and turning it around to fit himself. As I was reading Luke 11 & 12 today I could see our own nation’s actions in the last few decades. More and more we are denouncing the Word of God and redefining morality as an ever changing, cultural item. Our country is dividing more and more due to this. We ourselves need to be on our knees before God to know His purpose for us and the stand He wants us to take as well as how He wants us to live.

God’s Ways have never changed–only man does this changing. As I continue on this journey of life I want my legacy to stay focused on God’s morality and His sovereignty over life and how to live it.

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