For some reason I’ve always loved September. It is much the way I feel about March. Each of these two months are the start of new. March is the start of Spring which always means that new life is being given birth. September is quite the opposite. It is the start of putting to rest what has worked so hard through the Spring and Summer from the vegetable garden to the flowers in the yard. Both months are the beginnings and I love the fact that God gives us opportunities for new starts as well as putting to rest what has done their part.

Last night I went to dinner with my oldest daughter’s family celebrating her birthday. What was the biggest surprise was her oldest son walking into the restaurant. Dante had flown in yesterday to the surprise of everyone. He has finished his first 2 stages of training for the Air Force and doesn’t need to be in Florida for his next leg of training until Sept. 10. After the meal and celebration he drove to our home to surprise grandma! Kathy was feeling much better by last night. Even though she could be contagious still, Dante didn’t care. He has already had it last Spring and has since had his vaccinations. We had our own wonderful visit.

Do you believe? God is teaching me the importance of believing. Over and over He accentuates this importance in His Word–“the faith of a mustard see” is all it takes to start the seed of BELIEF germinating within us. I never believed I could be so free as I am today, yet I am! How much I want others to find their own belief through Jesus Christ. It all starts with the simple, yet powerful step of planting this seed of BELIEF! It may be September, but new life can start anytime of year.

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