Yesterday I wrote this blog and pushed the publish button. As I read it at this point I wanted to edit a couple of words so I went to do so and the entire thing disappeared. It vanished! I could not edit anything and I needed to move into the day so I had no more time to rewrite it. Well, today I will do better (I hope) at getting this one to stay put!

My entry yesterday was about worshiping God. He had impressed on me yesterday morning my importance of not seeing our worship at Celebrate Recovery as singing 4 nice songs which praise Him. All of that is nice, but…. The much bigger picture of worshiping God is centered around our looking up to Him in all areas of our lives–our day. No matter what we may be facing, look up to God–this is all a part of worshiping Him.

Last night’s Celebrate Recovery was a mystery. Much of the leadership was either gone or sick. Only a few of us were there and even then, two were leaving early. This was causing my “stew”. However, as I surrendered my stew and “worshiped” I found God taking charge. There was a good group and the sharing in share group time was rich and powerful. God sure doesn’t need man’s detail in order to fulfill His Purposes with us. Just do what is needed at the time and leave the “in charge” things to Him. What a wonderful God we serve!

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