I wrote yesterday about a young man I was to meet with last night. The meeting took place and I was astounded. He is a young man 19 years of age. His mom and her fiancé were with him. I didn’t know I’d be meeting with the three of them but we went ahead and and I was amazed watching God work through this. It was very obvious The Holy Spirit had been at work. How many 19 year old men want to see a counselor? Very few! However, this one wants to. I texted the counselor I like so well as I got home and they are setting their appointment today. I rejoice in seeing God’s Kingdom Work taking place. The counselor also informed me that the man I’d met with the night before had also made contact so they would be starting too.

Today in my scripture reading of John 7, Christ is challenging the followers to recognize Him as the Bread of Life. He had just fed the 5000 the day before and now He is telling them to not worry about man’s food, but trust Him as the Bread of Life. Reading God’s Word a couple thousand years after it was written is far easier to understand than hearing it for the first time as these followers did. I wonder how I would receive this message if I were one of them? All I can say is that I’m so grateful that I have been able to recognize Jesus as my One True God. He is my Savior, Redeemer, Friend and Leader.

Last night the young man’s mom text me thanking me for taking the time to meet with them. I hadn’t even thought about that. For me, I was completing what Jesus had asked and the Joy of watching Him work is the greatest thanks of all–another life now seeing the Light of Jesus!

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