Sometimes I awaken in the night and am seemingly wide awake. There seems to be no apparent reason for it, it just happens. Last night was one of those times. This morning I asked Jesus if there were a reason for this and I was surprised by the response. He said He rejoices in our times of communion, when I seek Him and pray for whatever He puts on my heart. I was instantly humbled and joyous to think that the King of the universe rejoices spending time with me?? My word, I hope I never sleep again if that is the case! I don’t mean to make light of this and diminish the value of this message. I know this is all true, I just so often forget it is true also for me. What a joy it is to be reminded by Jesus Himself that He desires time with each of us.

One of the things I prayed about in my awake time was for a young man I’m meeting with tonight. I’ve been asked by one of our pastors to meet with him regarding a recent event where he made some pretty poor decisions. I wanted to hear what God had to say about my role in the meeting. He shed Light on it as I meditated on this. Our God is so Amazing and so Intimate all at the same time. What a humble honor it is to serve Him each and every day.

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