As I saw today’s date at the beginning of my devotion I instantly was reminded of this horrific day 20 years ago. Tragedy united our country for a time when this happened. I remember well the newspaper heading following this event. It said that the churches across our nation were filled with folks. It is good to remember that man is not made to understand all that transpires here on earth. We are limited in our understanding no matter how much we wish to be in control of “all things”.

As I read In John 8 today, Jesus is talking to the ones in the temple telling them about His direct connection to God. They question it, doubt it and eventually condemn Him for this. It sounds so much like us today. The tragedies of today are not bringing folks to look beyond themselves to see God. Jesus tells us these days are coming when man will no longer seek God, but will seek themselves. I pray we will awaken to the truth about ourselves–insufficient without God our Creator. In so doing we will turn to our Creator and seek Him fully.

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