Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy. As I read this in today’s scripture reading I had to take some time and reflect on this truth. It is one of the fundamental truths which man, being influenced by Satan’s schemes, doesn’t even want to admit exists at all. There are so many lies I held onto for so long in my life due to the fears planted in me from abuse. Today I recognize them and the source of them. I can now reject them and replace them with the truths of God’s Word. One of these truths is that Satan not only exists, but he solely exists to do all he can to destroy the beauty of walking with God and having Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

Today in the class Mending the Soul we step into the chapter on Powerlessness and Deadness. As men, the author says, we have to step out of denial so we can recognize the lies of Satan. He wants us to hide our past so he can keep us trapped in it. He is the author of powerlessness and deadness and our hiding. As we come together today I pray for The Holy Spirit’s presence and the Strength of Jesus Christ Himself to be so present that we not only face this ugliness, but continue to do so once we leave the room. It is easy, I know all too well, to face it in group and deny it as soon as I walk out of the room living each day in the denial of my past. I did this far too long. Today, I want to walk only in the Light of God’s Truth praying this Light will help others to do the same.

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