Today I am writing this blog entry with my mind flooded with wonder. As I began my journey to freedom back in 2007 little did I know what was in store. I had a couple of things at the time which would determine freedom for me. One was the ability to tell my story to others and the other was God would take away the desire to use porn and the gay thoughts. This would be freedom!

In the 15 years of intentional work I’ve come to realize that the work was not mine–it had already been done by Christ. Over the years I’ve needed to surrender what I was hanging onto so Christ’s healing work on the Cross could do it’s powerful work within me. Secondly, and more recently, I’ve begun to discover what God’s Love for each of us is all about. God doesn’t just love us, He is Love. The book of John portrays this so well.

Now, as I’m beginning the book of Acts I’m seeing with much clearer eyes, the result of God’s Love for us. He enables us to use our story as a love gift for others. Along with this sharing comes God’s Healing. Peter and John, through the Power of The Holy Spirit within them, heal a crippled man due to their Faith in Jesus Christ. They now recognize the Power Christ has provided them through The Holy Spirit. Today, God is awakening in me that this same Power is ours–mine to use for Him through the same Holy Spirit and all in the Name of His Son–Jesus.

As my journey continues I am humbly awakened to the reservoirs of Heavenly Power God is waiting to unleash as I–we better understand Who He Is and who we are in His Son’s Name–Jesus, The Savior and Lord of this very world!

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