Yesterday’s class, Mending the Soul, brought about some remarkable awakening for the class members. We stepped into the chapter which addresses the darkness of the room we built for ourselves protecting us from what we feared. Little did we know at the time we were walling ourselves off from the sensitive love and grace God has for us. The chapter takes one through the process of recognizing these walls and the worthwhileness of taking a step outside of these walls to “trust” (even for a moment) God’s nudge through His Holy Spirit. Some didn’t think they were ready to take this step until it was pointed out that they had already taken it by attending this class. There are now 6 additional people who know each one’s story. All of this was done outside of the walls of protection each one of us had built. One of the class members said that he could now see a glimmer of God’s Light into his own darkness resulting from this class. He has a horrific story so this is truly a wonderful testimony of God’s penetrating Light into darkness for which Satan wants us to live.

The book of ACTS addresses the fullness of God’s Holy Spirit coming upon us. Little did I ever believe I could be the home of such a Pure and Holy Being, yet, here I sit, writing about this truth. Behind the wall I had built I was hanging onto my past for dear life knowing life would be destroyed it I revealed my past. Now, all these years later, I know that this past is being used by God’s Holy Spirit to help others find this same Light for their own healing. It is truly amazing what God does with such ugliness. How I love Him for this!

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