Today in my scripture reading in Acts I come upon “circumcised heart”. It is not often one hears this term, but we know a lot about circumcision. In essence, when we circumcise we cut away and expose. Joyce Meyers writes that we need to cut away anything that our heart wants to keep just for us, just for momentary pleasure, etc., when it goes directly against what we know God doesn’t find pleasing to Him. We can rationalize all we want that “this is ok”. It is only ________________. But, in the end we sense guilt and shame when these times happen.

It find it very fitting to have this clarity as part of the same book where The Holy Spirit is gifted to the followers of Jesus. At this point in my life I do want everything I do to be pleasing and acceptable to God. In order for this to take place I truly need to circumcise my heart of all selfish items I know are my desires but are not pleasing to God.

The journey of living for Jesus will bring each of us to this point. I find myself being brought to this point far more than once. There is always something else God wants me to cut away. It is truly awakening to know that the cutting away–when we finally get to this point–has little or no pain involved. It is like handing over something that has turned sour to God who is making me into the beautiful creation He meant for me all along. God is so Amazing!

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