Kathy and I haven’t been to Missouri before and even though we have flown through parts of our country here, we have not taken time to examine it. We want to do that while we are here. As I was journaling this morning I was asking God what He wanted us to know to do while we are here? I recalled that our “Barnabas basket” for Celebrate Recovery was almost depleted of gift options so I checked to see if there is a good Christian bookstore here. Wouldn’t you know they have one and they also have a $.99 sale which ends today. When we go to Oklahoma to visit our kids we always hit their bookstore because it has a wonderful selection of good, bargain books. I can’t wait to see what is in store here.

I’m told Branson has many good shows to choose from. We have already booked “Jesus” for tomorrow night. We will see about the rest of the choices. It is fun to have a few days to relax and see a different part of our country. God is everywhere and He assures us of this each and every day!

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