By noontime yesterday I’d thought God was playing a joke on me about what would be in store for the day. Nothing was working out. And, the bookstore ended up being a couple shelves of books in this huge flea market-type store. As Kathy and I went back to the car I was hit with the thought that maybe there would be a Mardel in Springfield which is the city we flew into the day before? Sure enough, there was. We drove there and I had a wonderful time getting everything I was hoping to get for our Celebrate Recovery. Along with that, we found a great place to have supper. God is always good when we don’t try to set the day for Him and allow Him to lead it.

God is always working and I love watching His Work come together. One of the men back home wanted to talk last night so I called him when Kathy was gone from the room for about 20 minutes. I was amazed to hear what he had to say. Their marriage is hugely struggling, but God is having them take some steps I never thought would be done. I’m so happy to hear what he said. It is very difficult to trust God when we set the goal we want God to complete. However, if we can only keep our eyes on God letting Him lead our every step, we will never be disappointed. We will surely be surprised many times, but God’s Ways always complete His Work which eventually will bring Peace to our souls.

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