Last night Kathy and I were able to see the production entitled, “Jesus”. It is a live production which begins when Jesus was calling his disciples and continues until the disciples are anointed in the upper room with the Holy Spirit to begin the completion of Christ’s coming. God was really pointing out to me the differences in Christ’s choices of disciples in their personalities. I’ve known this, but it was awakening for me to see them in action. I know this is a “man’s production” but God needed for me to see that He uses all personalities for His Honor and Glory to complete His Work here on earth. The production ended as the disciples were anointed with The Holy Spirit and went out to the crowds and began the same completion of work God wants us doing today–bringing His message to the lost. No one disciple was the completion of Christ’s work. The completion of what Christ came to do is done through “we” not “me”. Each of us is to join God’s Kingdom Work.

My bible reading is now in Acts where the first anointing of The Holy Spirit takes place. All of the disciples were anointed along with other committed believers. It was insightful to read this morning what I saw last night. I have had this inner voice in my head that condemns me for being who I am and I must keep me in control so I can do what God wants. God, instead, wants me to let Him have the me He created to complete what He wants from us working together. This is just what He was teaching the disciples during the time with His Son Jesus. Jesus didn’t control them, He taught them and then they were anointed with The Holy Spirit to turn their knowledge into action with the empowerment of The Holy Spirit.

God uses all personalities and abilities to His Honor and Glory. He doesn’t control as man uses control. He anoints and leads through His inspiration provided by The Holy Spirit. I loved seeing this so much more clearly and having that message in my head “replaced”.

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