The journey to Missouri and a little visit to Arkansas ends today as we head to the airport in an hour. Last night I thought I might skip writing this morning, but God had other plans. As I awoke and came to the little living room I found a message on my phone for a prayer request which is troubling. It represents a struggle which has been ongoing for some time now and children are involved. I said I would be praying which I already have done. The scenario takes me back to my own childhood. I wonder if there were those who knew to pray for me when I was a young boy? I know that God in His Almighty Being must have planted the seed in the hearts of my own grandma and maybe more. My grandma was such a prayer warrior. I pray for God’s intervention today for this boy who is facing a “giant” in his own life.

God is Good and I thank Him for this time in another part of His Creation where people love and serve Him.

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