It is very nice to be home. The journey to and from Missouri couldn’t have been nicer. We did experience a “gulley washer” of a rain storm our last day. Boy, living where we do in Idaho doesn’t even begin to show what a true rain storm can be like. I’ve known this term for most of my life, but we experienced one and so now I know why it is given this name.

The boy I mentioned yesterday did pull through his day nicely. God is so good!

Today we meet as a class of men addressing the abuse of our past through the curriculum of Mending the Soul. At first I felt guilty taking a week away from this. When I start something I like to keep my nose to the grindstone until the project is completed. However, God knows best. As I have been reflecting on this I realize a short break is actually good. There is so much to process in this class, it is actually a good thing to step away from moving forward and allow God’s Spirit to speak to us about parts we may have not gone deeply into as much as we should. I sure know the truth of this. I may open up regarding things in my past, but I quickly stuff them back down as soon as class is over. I try not to do this any longer, but I know this practice well. God is faithful however, and His Spirit will not let us keep them stuffed when doing so hinders our recovery.

God is so GOOD. How much I love HIM!

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