As I began this morning with the reading of Romans, I was struck by words Joyce Meyers writes in the preface. She said she hoped more Christians would come to know and understand living day by day the way Paul describes in this book. I know a good deal about this book but her writing planted the seed in my mind to look for detail I haven’t caught before from God’s Light which shines through His Word.

The first finding was Paul’s statement that he wished those he was writing to could know what he knew and live in the confidence in which he lived. I have felt this way for the six men attending the Sunday morning class. I have lived through all of their confusion, anger and resentment, and finally found a tremendous peace which I’d not ever known. I pray for them to have this too. The second thing Paul writes is about living in complete faith without doubt. Satan is forever planting seeds of doubt and it is so easy to grab them and even begin to believe them. I did this for years and years. Today, I still have my moments. They don’t last long, but they still happen.

I am challenged to read Romans with confident faith that whatever Paul has been inspired to write will no longer be a hope, but a truth as I continue to grow in my walk with Jesus Christ. Living with doubt needs to be a characteristic of my past and not of my present or future. I see doubt much more clearly this morning. I want today to be focused on living without doubt, rejecting it and replacing it with faith. Thank you Jesus!

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