Our class, Mending the Soul, is now taking each of us into the reality that God is still God no matter what is in our past. Yesterday, we finished Facing the Brokenness, chapter 8. In so doing each one has to face all of the lies we have had about ourselves: our value, our capabilities, our purpose, and more. So much of what we have believed are lies which Satan has tried to keep us in limbo to whom God created in the womb of our mother. I know the difficulty of staying awake to these lies long enough that they become replaced with truth–the original value and purpose God had in mind for each of our creations.

The other real awakening in this lesson is the awakening to believing in truth of spirit. We have believed all of our lives what flesh has taught us. It is flesh that Satan has used to make one believe all of the lies that continuously circle in our minds and emotions. However it is in spirit we are to believe these are lies. When we start to believe we then begin to have this glimmer of trust that maybe there is value. We can also grasp for the first time in faith that there is more purpose than we ever thought possible. Talking this through yesterday in class was an eye-opening event seeing the men challenged to believe what they never thought they could.

I know this road which takes one to this point of awakening and I know the struggle of staying awake to the realness of being a new creation. It is Spirit facing flesh. In truth, I’m still on it. But, it strengthens my own commitment when I see others taking their first steps onto a road they’ve not dared attempted until now. Wow, our God is so patient and loving and how much I appreciate all of this about Him!

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