Today I begin with a much clearer head than yesterday. It is so nice to feel rested. A clear head also helps understanding what I read and hear when I am having my devotions. What is standing out to me as I am reading in Romans is Paul’s persistence in helping the reader understand our need to separate works from grace. In the old Laws of the Old Testament everything was built around works. Somehow that root is wired in our flesh. However, what is wired in GRACE is Trust & Faith.

As I ponder all of this I go back to my own struggle with value. What also came to mind is my struggle with porn. These are things I’m helpless to break on my own. I’ve always thought I needed to take action on them and I have many, many times! However, my actions never led to conquer. What has worked is my giving up on my efforts and simply trusting God and having faith that He in His Grace will take care of these issues. Yes, I need to turn away from my fleshly beliefs/desires. That is my part. But from there, the battle is not mine but God’s.

When I was journaling about struggles I asked Jesus my daily question. “What do you want me to know from You for today?” His response was amazing. It was the words of a song my friend and I have sung many times in years past. They are, “My name is Jesus. I know this road. I’ve paid the price for you. I’ll carry your load. I’ve just come from Calvary. My work there is o’er. My Name is Jesus. You’re not lost anymore!”

When I feel helpless to know what to do, it is for good reason. I’m not to do anything except Trust and have Faith. It is not for me to do. It is what God is waiting to do once we learn to stop and surrender.

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