This past week has been a test of endurance and patience with a lesson tied to it. Each day I have asked Jesus to lead the work in the schools/districts for which I consult. We have faced some attitudes and behaviors which needed to be addressed in order to turn our teaching into student learning. At the end of Wednesday and Thursday I was greatly concerned that our work seemed all for naught. However, just as God does, yesterday was the turning point. It all came together and as the day ended, God’s Light had penetrated darkness and we were seeing as one team.

I write this because this morning God reminds me that He works in all of our affairs if we turn them over to Him and let Him lead. This is true in our recovery, in our daily walk, in our work place, in our home and every connection we have. There is no place in our lives where God isn’t present. However, if He is going to be Lord of all, we need to give Him the “all”. This week has been a good reminder of this. Lastly, it has been a great reminder that I never want to give up until God’s Light is shining brightly.

God is Amazing and does Amazing Work when we give our all to Him and stay with Him. This has been my lesson for the week. How much I love HIM!

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