Today we begin chapter 9 in our Mending the Soul class. The title of this chapter is Surrendering to God’s Love. After spending the first 7 chapters addressing all the areas of abuse and the impact of each one, we have to face this damage in chapter 8 and stay out of denial from it. So, chapter 9 now has us beginning to see that the real miracle of healing doesn’t come from us doing more work, it is now time to surrender to God.

One of the toughest realities at this point is that the same God who we thought didn’t care for us as children is the very One we surrender to now that we are out of denial. It is very sobering to realize how wicked man can be in his selfishness. This was a huge awakening for me when I finally quit denying my past. It is even more sobering to realize how much God ached for the victim of abuse while the abused was in the hands of an abuser. God gave man free will and He wouldn’t interfere with it, even though it has it’s own reality for the abuser. All this said, now it is time to begin to trust, believe and practice faith in the very God Who has loved each of us from the beginning–even though we had no clue of this love.

I pray this morning that our participants will see this Light from God penetrating the darkness of their soul so that believing they matter to God sticks. Faith and Trust have a much better chance of taking root when we start to believe. God is so patient and loving in this process of healing. How I love and thank Him for His Graciousness!

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