Yesterday’s class for Mending the Soul was a very tough lesson for some in the class to hear. Each and every participant is struggling with the concept that God loves them and that they matter deeply to Him. It has taken me most of my life to wrap my own mind around this truth also, so it is not that I don’t understand their struggle. How does love allow abuse to happen to a young, helpless child? This one fact is a toy in the hands of Satan. He easily influences a young mind into thinking he is not of value to God.

The lies of Satan and the manipulation of Satan are brought out in yesterday’s lesson. One’s mind can easily understand this, but one’s heart truly needs to have the healing truth of God’s Holy Spirit touch it. In my own case, I needed professional help getting me to the place where I could literally confront God with this. In so doing, He has so faithfully brought me to Him time and time again showing me the power of choice (free will) He gave man. I have that same free will choice too. I am at the place now where I can choose to relive those lies of Satan for myself or I can choose to believe I have mattered to God all along. I was a victim of dad and my brother and Satan can no longer convince me that I was a victim because God didn’t care.

I’ve prayed this morning for the black cloud of lies to be penetrated for these men. God’s miracle of truth is going to happen for them for each one of them is greatly loved by the same God Who transformed my own beliefs. God is working and the lies of Satan will be seen as such!

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