The Refiner’s Fire is still very much in the forefront of my mind and my soul. As I was journaling with Jesus this morning much more insights came to me. The one which stands out significantly is that the Refiner’s fire is to purify–not destroy. Satan had me convinced that if I were to admit to my past abuse I would be destroyed. My career would be destroyed and I would be of no value to anyone–especially me for my only value was in my work. But, all of this time, Jesus Christ was waiting for me to awaken just a sliver to trusting Him with His Message–He wanted to free me, not destroy me.

This message is so powerful! It is the very essence of where the men in the Mending the Soul class are. Each one is needing to face Jesus with a decision–Will I, even for a moment, allow myself to believe You were with me in my time of abuse? Will I, even for a moment, allow myself to believe I am loved by You? Will I, even for a moment, look into Your Face and tell you I want to believe this even while I’m trying not to hate You for allowing this abuse to happen to me!

I write this post with such passion. I lived in this place of bitterness, hatred and confusion for years. Yet, today, I know this Jesus as my Loving Savior, my Lord, and my Refiner Who used the Fire to heal me rather than destroy me! This is for each one of us too!

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