The Refiner’s Fire continues to burn. In the first verse of this song it says the fire burns with sacred heat white hot with holy flame. With any kind of flame comes light and the hotter the flame the whiter and brighter the light is. What is profound to me is that the Light of Jesus which is generated from this sacred heat identifies that my old beliefs about me were lies. It then replaces those lies with truth. God didn’t ever despise me because of my past, I was the one who did and Satan had me believing the world would too if they knew. The other thing that is amazing is that instead of obliterating my memory of my past (which I had prayed desperately hundreds of times He would do so I could be whole) He created the desire to tell my past so others could feel safer opening up about their own.

After yesterday’s post I spent the day in temptation forgetting that Satan does his best to try and manipulate this Light of God into showing the world how sinful I am rather than showing God’s healing. I needed to be reminded that the pureness of God’s Light from this sacred heat is always cleansing and never destructive. Oh how easy it is to twist this truth however and for a moment I was there. God has reanchored His Truth again.

Our choir director, for some reason, was inspired to have each of us spend time with our devotions to see what God would say to us regarding this song’s message. It is sure causing me to step back into areas I find needed a little (lot) more attention from this sacred heat so that in growing weaker in the flesh I would grow more confident in my weakness knowing God’s Strength has taken over.

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