The gentleman I mentioned in yesterday’s post has his first counseling appointment next Thursday morning. He called it an answer to prayer and I do too. I love how God works.

Paul, in II Corinthians, is getting after the people of Corinth for listening and following the teachings of false leaders. He challenges them to listen to what they are being told and line it up with the truth of what Jesus has recently told to the disciples. Joyce Meyer picks up on this topic and reminds the reader that our minds are the home of all thought and follow up words we say and actions we live out. Today we have so many messages which may seem “right” at the moment but if we took the time to line them up against God’s Word–the Bible, we would find we need to dismiss them. Some of these are: “Go ahead and take a drink, it won’t hurt you to have just one.” “Experimenting with same sex is ok, if you have the desire then it is fine to act on it.” There are so many additional examples I could put here, but in each one’s case we need to align these thoughts with God’s Word.

Society has moved away from God’s Word–His Wisdom, but that doesn’t mean we should. We need to follow Paul’s wisdom to the Corinthians and heed what God’s Word tells us. When our mind gives us a different thought use the 3-R’s I’ve mentioned in past posts: Recognize, Reject and Replace. God is Faithful and I find when I am faithful to following His Word, I am at peace within. Nothing is better than that!

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