Something happened yesterday during my devotional time I kept quiet because it seemed too odd to me and I questioned it. It had to do with my daily asking Jesus what He wanted me to know from Him for the day. The message began that I would be disappointed this morning and needed to be ready for it. There was more attached to it but this was the driver of my questioning. Within 30 minutes following my writing of this blog I had a phone call. It was very disturbing as it questioned my integrity. It then condemned our ministry of Celebrate Recovery because of my involvement in it. There were only 3 people who knew about the details which took place a few years ago. I had actually challenged this person because of their own devious actions and it now led to this.

I called our ministry leader who had shared the role with me for 12 years and she said something that truly refocused me–“We need to pray for them.” At the moment I wanted to ring their neck and then I get the Godly message–they need prayer. For the rest of the day I did pray for them and will continue to do so.

This morning I’ve been challenged to TRUST God’s Voice when It speaks to me and ask for forgiveness for my lack of trust. God’s Holy Spirit waits for us to manage our mind and emotions so He can take charge. I don’t want to wait so long next time and I sure don’t want to question the Holy Spirit’s Voice either. Our God is so good. How I love Him and NEED Him!

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