As I wrote yesterday, God isn’t wanting me to leave the topic of living for Him until I’m better grounded in what that truly is all about. Last night at choir practice I could barely sing the solo I have in a song the choir is doing in a couple of weeks. The obstacles like rhythm and timing had finally been addressed so they no longer were in the way of singing it. It was my voice–I kept cracking on the higher notes and it is in the 1st tenor range so it is high. That’s never been a problem, but was last night. As I got home and went to bed I had numerous dreams throughout the night which would awaken me leaving me troubled. The last dream was a friend draining a “pus pocket” which wasn’t large on the outside, but what was on the inside was amazing. It just kept running out more and more.

When I awoke for the morning and started my journaling I asked Jesus for help understanding what all of this is about. Then my devotional was titled–“So Walk in Him”. It was all about walking in Jesus if we have invited Him into the depths of our lives and surrendered all there is in those depths. As I began Galatians 2 Paul is writing about his total surrender to Jesus and accepting His call not listening to man, but only to God’s Voice in his life. Paul’s message was the same as the devotional’s message–So Walk in Him. I grabbed my journal and added to it, “I’m not to walk with Jesus, but to walk in Jesus. If He resides IN me and His Holy Spirit is within me, I am to walk IN Them, not with them. They’re on the inside of me, not around me waiting for me to catch up.

As I prayed this morning I surrendered all of my questions and struggles about walking throughout my day trying to stay focused on Jesus’ Voice in my life. I simply gave Him the depths of my being where my fears reside, my flesh passions reside and asked Him to reside in their stead so I can be fully walking IN Him this day and each day to come.

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