The topic of living by the Spirit of God is a big one for me of late. It seems God is not wanting me to leave this topic until I get a better handle on it. The two Corinthian books is full of this writing and now Galatians is too. We are to live by the Spirit of God within us, given to us by Grace as we have accepted Jesus Christ into our lives. We are not to live by the old laws. Switching my living to being led by the Spirit within means I need to hear the Spirit throughout my day. What I naturally hear is my own reasoning/emotions. I’ve always thought of them as my lead and that the Spirit of God would direct them. Somehow I believe there is a different Voice I’m leaving out when I do this. I’m asking God to help me better understand so I live by His Voice within me.

Secondly, there is a topic that is routinely brought up in our class addressing childhood abuse. The topic is a child’s role with God when he/she is being abused in those childhood years. I don’t have a good answer for this as I’ve had my own struggles with the topic. I’ve said many times that I’ve needed to let this go and I’ll understand when I get to heaven. However, when I hear these questions coming from others and see the block it creates with their own relationship with God as a “loving God”, I can’t help but remember my own questions. There are many verses which tell us to not lead our children into sin by our own actions, but I don’t see any which say God provides protection for the children. If anyone has clarity on this, I’d like to know what you have found. I don’t ask this in doubt of God, I ask it for better understanding of God. Thank you.

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