It has been quite a while since I’ve needed to improvise on my day-to-day living preparations. But, now having my luggage delivered yesterday so I could change my clothes and actually prepare with the things I’m used to having, makes me realize how good we have it here in America. The messed-up day I had Wednesday can be let go.

I’m reading in Galatians now for my Bible reading. Today has been chapters 2 & 3. In it, Paul is teaching them that to live for God we must learn to let go of living in the flesh and making decisions in the flesh thinking we are doing God’s will in this fashion. It struck me just how often I do this. I may think I’m living for God, but every time I get frustrated with the way something is going it is then that I can realize the frustration is about my doing the work in my own thinking rather than relying on The Holy Spirit’s nudges and obeying them. The frustrations of Wednesday were only frustrations because of my own flesh. God knew I was going to still be doing the work He had laid out for this trip. I still needed to simply rely on my faith in Him. It has been exactly that too as I spent my time here. Today I will finish with the last school and close the day with the superintendent before heading back to the airport. I’m going to purposefully do it in more faith than I have before. Spirit-filled living is truly all about living by faith and learning to let go of flesh is the huge step I’m still learning.

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