The trip is done and I got home last night a little before 1:00 am. It was a whirlwind, but very profitable. All day long yesterday I kept thinking about what God has been revealing about flesh-living vs spirit-living as Paul talks about in Galatians. The superintendent and secondary principal are both Christians desiring to live fully devoted to God’s leadership in their lives. As I was modeling how to conduct a difficult conversation with a teacher who doesn’t want to change how they teach to better reach their students, I simply let go of my old need to have a list of questions I’d created ahead of time to ask. I simply relied on the questions that came to me as the teacher and I conversed. The principal and vice principal took notes while this happened. I knew when I was finished because I felt my mind and spirit relax. The seeds for the need of change had been planted and now it is time for them to be given opportunity to grow.

As I reflected with the principal about the process of confrontational conversations, she asked where my questions and responses originated? She went on to say she needed a list to work from. She had taken notes on what had been said, but where is my list? I assured her I use to work from a list, but I am learning to trust God’s Spirit to provide His questions I should be asking and the responses He wants given. My biggest step has been learning to trust God’s Spirit and to surrender my need to have my “flesh ready”–my mind.

There is one more discovery I’m finding about this surrender of flesh. God is in all aspects of our living. I use to do my church work to please God hoping He would also help me in my secular work and would find me worthy of His help because I’d done this and that for Him at church. This wouldn’t necessarily be in the forefront of my mind, but when I came upon difficult situations at work, I’d remind God I’d tried to be faithful to Him so would He help me out. Only now am I becoming much more awake to God’s Spirit working wherever He places me. It is humbling and so gratifying to begin to understand this.

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