There are only 6 chapters in the little book of Galatians, but it is packed with spiritual substance I’ve known is important, but didn’t realize how deeply it needed to sink into me. A couple weeks ago I wrote a few entries into this blog regarding the song: The Refiner’s Fire. When the refiner is holding the silver to the fire he knows when it is finally refined. It is when he, the refiner, can see his image clearly in the silver. It is then he removes the heat. That is a gripping reality and one that Galatians leads us to.

In the 5th chapter Paul talks about the fruits of the Spirit. God is working to refine each of us so He can harvest these fruits from His Work being done in our lives. It is then that people see Christ in us–the genuine proof that The Holy Spirit does live within us–He is now seen through these fruits.

As Paul concludes the book with chapter 6, he addresses keeping our eyes on Jesus rather than on man. In so doing, we listen and respond to the nudges The Holy Spirit provides rather than what we might do in order to “be seen or noticed by man”. Right in the first verse of chapter 6 we are told to come along side of one who is stepping into sin–stumbling with their walk with God. In so doing we must be very careful, the verse says, so we don’t fall into the same trap. Satan is always alive and well in attempting to divert our attention to selfishness even for a moment.

This journey of life walking with God is not done without God’s Gift of His Son living in us and The Gift of His Holy Spirit infilling us so we can live this life bearing the Fruit of God’s Spirit. Wow! This is powerful!

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