This morning as I began to pray from my prayer list I circled the names of those who are having physical issues. My oldest sis is in hospice care, my sis just older than me is still in the hospital having had a stroke last weekend, my sis in law has been diagnosed with colon cancer and her surgery will be Dec. 16, my nephew is in Portland, OR having had a stem-cell transplant yesterday for a rare type of bone cancer, and our good friend is in Reno for breast cancer treatments. My heart has been heavy for them even though I know God is with each one of them and their closest family members who wish they could be with them, but in most cases can’t be due to current circumstances.

It was good to take a moment and circle each one of these names on my prayer list. I just wanted to tell God, “for heaven’s sake, just touch them and heal them?” However, God tenderly reminded me that He is in charge of each one and I can trust Him completely with His care for them. My oldest living sis who is in hospice care has said she is ready and wants to go. Her strength is gone and much of the time she isn’t with us anyway due to her dementia. This human side of life isn’t kind, but God has given us a promise I will cling to until I join Him. We have an eternal home with God our Father and I’m so grateful for this promise. It keeps perspective in place when all these physical ailments are tormenting us.

My journey’s message is just a confession today I needed to process here. Thanks for listening.

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