A couple months ago our choir director asked if I’d sing a solo portion in the song our choir is doing today in a couple hours. I said yes to her and have been nervous since. I’m told the song has a steady rhythm to it, but my senses don’t seem to pick up on it. I have listened and listened to it and can sing it just fine at home, but when choir time comes, my nerves take over. So, this morning is the time. I know God’s Holy Spirit will do His Work for Jesus is to be mightily Glorified. The song is “Midnight Cry”. I surrender!

Today is also the beginning of the last chapter in Mending the Soul class. The title of the chapter is “Forgiveness”. It is the final test–Are we able now to forgive? No matter what the abuse was, looked like, felt like, damaged our beliefs and so much more; am I able to forgive? We will be stepping into this today. I know God’s Holy Spirit has been at work with each of these men. I place my trust in Him for this is His Work. I know what He has done for me and I praise Him for this. To God be the GLORY!

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