It is Thanksgiving Day and just like God, He gave me a message I needed to hear directly from Him and His Word. I lose track of what I’ve said in this blog over time so I don’t know if I’ve shared this tidbit or not. If I have, please forgive me for doing so again. Last March when our grandson was making his plans to enter the Air Force he asked grandma and me if we’d begin to have our kids and grandkids over each Sunday so he could spend valuable time with them before he left the first of June. We started doing this in spite of the friction within some present relationships. Our grandson had said to me that he was praying these get-togethers would bring about a healing for everyone. Kathy and I joined him in this.

Amazingly, by June when Dante left, the kids wanted to continue the get-togethers each Sunday so we have done so. The healing was taking place in relationships. As should be expected, a wrench was thrown into these budding relationships last night. As I was journaling and reading my scripture this morning I came across this writing of Joyce Meyer supporting the words of Paul in Philippians. She writes, “In Philippians 4:5 the apostle Paul teaches us how to solve our problems. He instructs us to pray ‘with thanksgiving’ in every circumstance. The Lord taught the same principle to me this way, ‘Joyce, why should I give you anything else, if you are not thankful for what you already have? Why should I give you something else to complain about?’ If we cannot offer our current prayer requests from the foundation of a life that is currently filled with thanksgiving, we will not get a favorable response. The Word does not instruct us to pray with complaining, it says to pray with thanksgiving.”

This morning I praise God that even when strife enters our relationships, He will be glorified and the relationships will prosper. I believe in God’s Strength which is stronger than any of man’s difficulties fed by the undercurrent of Satan. Today, I give THANKS!

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