Thanksgiving is approaching and today is my day to do my part–making a couple of berry pies. It is fun to raise the berries and now share them in the form of pies. The grandkids like them which makes it even more fun.

Last Sunday I gave the participants of our Mending the Soul class an assignment I’d created for “them”. It is a 3 column chart where we place our comments in the 3 categories: “Now I know/understand”, “What I now wonder about?” and (complete the sentence starters:) “No, I just can’t….”, and “I still won’t accept….” Completing the chart will hopefully allow the participants to see where freedom has been found, freedom is being unearthed and where darkness still lies. I felt nudged to do this for the other guys, but as I begin to complete the chart myself I find my own interesting realities. I wasn’t even planning to complete it, but on the other hand, I knew I should and now I’m glad I am doing it.

God has so much purpose and meaning for our lives once we begin to see life as intentionally purposeful for God’s Kingdom’s growth. What I’ve thought was to be kept hidden is now intentionally kept in the Light. This is an item I’ve placed in the first column–Now I Know.

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