As I began to journal this morning I was thanking God for His insights and work which took place yesterday with one of the schools where I consult. Through the fall we have been chipping away at some needs which must be addressed if they were ever going to thrive and yesterday we needed to face one of those needs. I was anticipating tears and frustration/anger. However, I unexpectedly received agreement and cooperation from all of the team. I walked away from the day thanking God for His help.

This morning God turned a Light on for me I needed to see. This Light is the Truth that God (His Holy Spirit) is not helping me, I’m helping Him. In one of my requests as I prayed, I asked God for His insights into what I wasn’t seeing? I was expecting Him to show me something about man I didn’t see, however, instantly what came into my thoughts was this message, “What you are not seeing is that I Am already there. I want you to help Me complete the work I gave you to do. You are not bringing Me to them, I am bring you to them.” I then wrote in my journal, “You are not my servant, I am Yours!”

Today I go to another school where we need to face some difficulties far different than yesterday’s, but nonetheless difficult for man. What is different is that I go today to assist my Master–now that I have this straight in my mind. He is already there. How I praise God for His LIGHT of TRUTH which He is abundant to provide once I look up and see Him!

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