As I began journaling this morning I couldn’t keep from reflecting on the Light God is shedding on the topic of servant. The reality that I don’t take God with me, He is already present and I join Him, is a real switch in thinking I don’t want to lose sight of. This morning I was more focused on the topic of being God’s servant when I’m not out working with schools or at church working with ministries. If I’m home what is it like to be a servant here? As I asked the question when journaling the word selfishness immediately came to mind.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve said that when I have a day at home it is my time to be selfish doing only what I want to get done or simply just enjoy the time reading a book, watching a favorite program, etc. What God was bringing to mind was when selfish is sinful. It is one thing to focus on self when self needs time to relax and reflect, take it easy. It is another thing to give in to selfish desires which I already know this would be sinful and unhealthy. Each one of us knows what these are for ourselves and this is what God was pointing out to me.

God is nothing but LIGHT shed into darkness. I am seeing some darkness in my life I’ve needed to see. I thank God for helping me to not only see this but to offer His Strength in stepping away from selfishness that leads to sin.

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