First and second Thessalonians are small but powerful books filled with different wisdom than I’ve ever remembered. Paul is driving home the message of maturing in our walk with God. He seems to be focusing on the teaching that we are to grow beyond doing what we do out of feelings. The driver of what we do for God has to be done from decisions made with God. If we allow our feelings to be the motivation to persevere we will likely give up way early rather than stay the course knowing God will complete His Work in spite of our ups and downs. I appreciated what Joyce Meyer wrote in regards to II Thessalonians 3:13–“And as for you brethren, do not become weary or lose heart in doing right.” She adds, “One sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to live beyond our feelings. People who are spiritually mature live by decisions made based on God’s Word, not on how they feel.”

I love reading what Paul is teaching. Here he is, the Pharisee who was imprisoning the new Christians to now teaching them how to become more mature in their walk with God. God’s mighty work in Paul’s life is the same work He is wanting to do in mine and ours. I want to always be a good student.

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