This morning I began reading the small book of II Timothy. In the first couple of chapters Paul is addressing some insecurities Timothy is facing. One of them is fear. I sat right up when I read this for fear is something I’ve dealt with all of my life. Fear has manifested itself for me as looking like incapable, unworthy, less than, etc. Joyce Meyer writes a clip addressing this topic which also stood out to me. She writes, “Fear is a spirit that produces physical and emotional symptoms….” The part that hit with Light is the first 4 words–Fear is a spirit.

As I began to take a look at fear instead of simply trying to stuff fear, I began to see fear as the deception it is. Satan has used fear in my life to try and keep me from being the new creation God wants me to be. This is not just true for me but for everyone of us who struggle with this debilitating spirit. As soon as I recognized this I was able to use the 3-R’s, recognize it, reject it and then replace it. We are even told in scripture that God gives us the fruits of the Spirit, none of which resemble fear.

I loved reading this message today. I want to keep it close to my heart and recognize it every time it wants to show its ugly self. Our God is so GOOD!

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