Today is my youngest sis’s birthday. It is so odd to think that the baby of the Lewis’ family is as old as she is! In my mind I still see us as the little ones on the farm and Polly being our water girl. She was suppose to bring water to us in the beet field while we were hoeing weeds but she’d forget and we’d try to yell loud enough to get her attention. Those were days to remember, but not relive! Today Polly is a warrior for Christ and our family loves her for this. God bless you Polly!

I finished today the books of Timothy Paul had written. These days we now live in are quite a good example of what Paul calls the last days. I don’t dwell on this, but the reality seems very true. Being bold to communicate the message of Jesus Christ to everyone around us is the clear message. Never give up hope and keep our eyes focused on Jesus alone. His Word–the Bible–needs to be our one and only true guide for living today.

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