I have said this so many times, but I just have to say it again this morning–This God we serve is an Amazing God! He never lets up on His work with us to help us know Him better and to Trust and Commit to Him more fully. His Faithfulness endures forever!

This morning I started a new journal having filled the previous one yesterday. I always take a moment to reflect on the walk with Jesus from the beginning of a previous journal to the end of it. It has been during this time that Jesus has been showing me what it is to Trust being a new creation. He has made it clear that temptation is “common to man” and that my temptations are part of my flesh and not what God created me to be originally. The day is coming when I will be this original new creation and I will live with Him for eternity! I find all of this so overwhelmingly kind.

Today, as I begin to read Hebrews, the promises continue as the author points out the gift of angels surrounding us as we live for Jesus. There is so much to know about the fullness of God. I know I won’t acquire all of this while on earth, but I sure look forward to living with Him forever and ever!

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