This morning’s devotional time has been one for which God has shed much LIGHT. It started with my journaling. What I’ve noticed in reflecting on my living each day is that my struggles with temptation have primarily remained the same. In fact, throughout my life, they have remained the same. What has been different is my action/s towards them. I’ve learned about dealing with them, but I’ve never fully understood how surrendering them works.

As I began my devotional reading its focus was on “salt” and its importance to preserving. The writer points out that God gives salt in abundance to preserve our faith/trust in Him. Secondly, it compares this Salt to Grace. God gives His Grace in abundance through His Son Jesus. Our strength in this comes in our belief, our trust, our FAITH. It goes on to say that Faith is synonymous to Confidence. My scripture reading was in Hebrews 3 & 4. Here the author (who seems to be unknown) reveals the shallow faith the Israelites had in God, thus their journey for 40 years through wilderness. Their faith was weak thus Grace was also limited.

In all of this, what was becoming very clear to me was the fact that where I needed God’s Grace the most, I kept from Him. I pled with God to remove my past by removing all of the memories of it and the temptations and thoughts which haunted me so frequently. In all of this, God has been little by little teaching me to surrender it, speak it, use it for Him. In so doing, the salt/His Grace would provide the salve/peace He so wanted to give. In addition, instead of hiding the temptations and thoughts which made me think I was unworthy of God’s Grace, He wants me to give them over to Him in confidence knowing they are included in what His Grace has done for me through Christ’s Work on the Cross.

I love how God provides Light with clarity. His Word has such wonderful messages for us when we finally read it with Faith and Belief. All of it is for you and me no matter what we bring to it. Salt kills slugs just like Grace kills Satan’s attacks. What I’ve kept in darkness has now seen God’s Light of Grace!

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